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Welcome to the BenCab Museum

The thought of going to BenCab Museum is when I was watching the movie “that thing called tadhana” while im inside the bus on my way here. I also found it on the net when I searched for Baguio’s attractions in trip Advisory, second on the list.

It is accessible to anyone who desires to see the beautiful art pieces inside. The museum puts up the collections of Philippine national artist Benedicto Cabrera and the works of Filipino masters and contemporary artists. It is a four-story building, has nine galleries and a cafe.

In the second level you can find the Indigo, cordillera, erotica, print and benCab gallery.

Gallery Hall

Gallery Indigo

Erotica Gallery

This gallery contains works that are offensive to minors, please be guided accordingly.

Bulol Installation

Cordillera Gallery

The gazebo, A view from Patio Salvador

BenCab Gallery

Print Gallery

LEVEL III showcases the Philippine contemporary art gallery 1 and 2, and the Maestro Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery I

Philippine Contemporary Art Gallery II

It is also located in Asin, Tuba, Benguet where the Asin hot springs are also situated.


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