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Style: Bad Teacher

We went to a bar last night. I think it’s the shack. We are with our students, all of them. Well its fun until I again, the alcohol abuser got drunken so here is a simple O O T D I come up to after the tragic alcohol accident when I accidentally swore all my students (excessive alcohol drinker!).

the thoughts that made me wear this one is actually because I feel ashamed. I think it’s shameful to go to work after you did those kind of shameful things because I didn’t just swore them I also spit some alcohol in front of them and became a douchebag to all of them. I think I’m stuck with the song “The nights” by AVICII. he quote, “When I die, I want to be remembered for the life I lived, not the money I made.” which is insane. Anyway, they still love me. L O L.

Fux leather hoodie | Never abuse the youth cap | leather bag | Vintage high cut booties


1 thought on “Style: Bad Teacher”

  1. haha i’m sure your students are never bored of you at least! they probably think you’re really cool tbh 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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