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The Amazing Race

I’m not a fan of reality competition on TV but seriously it has different impact when it is really based on reality like today in Keystone Language Center, as part of students in-school activities, 15 students are able to join the competition in which they are divided into three groups. the mechanics?, they are given some task and they need to complete it. this competition is also a great way to expose the Korean students in the city (Olongapo).

I’m a member of station lookout, it’s fun (the wait-give-observe-kind of fun!), the tasks holder. I remember this kind of game when i was in highschool but it’s different because back then, we were only searching the school grounds, the city is a big place so there are times when they came to us, they looked very tired but what can we do, it’s a game. they have to race, and in this kind of game, time is very important.








The winners will recieve a gift cerrtificate for starbucks (Ayala, Harbor Point). Who will be the winners? We don’t know yet. but one thing for sure, They had fun.


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