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Style: Sporty-Lightweight fashionable materials

Quick tips on how to prevent rainy season fashion mishaps. For me, there is simply one rule: Wear something with the most comfortable materials.


Rainy season, it is the season in which we usually meet most fashion mishaps. Today I have many outdoor activities lined-up like Meeting up with my team, appointment in a tailor shop, and food shopping, activities that required frequent walks and move. It’s raining so I decided to wear this faux leather hoodie, I’m so lucky I have this kind of hoodie, very comfy and convenient choice made from lightweight materials. I like it because it keeps me well protected from the rain, it is also water resistant, minimizes the water to enter inside. Make me feels less sloppy.

Jeans is a No-No during rainy season. I hate it when rain water gets stuck in the edge of my jeans, uncomfortable and heavy feeling so I decide to put on leggings. This leggings is the best thing I have since summer time of year. again, made with lightweight materials, makes me feel comfortable and flexible for movements. You can wear shorts too, if you desire, but if you hold the same shape as my legs (diamond shape) you better use leggings. To hide the shape. You need to discover the perfect color theme as well. Select the color that will minimize your shape, I highly recommend you to choose color black to make your legs looks slimmer.

Footwear. what are the problems we commonly encountered during rainy season? I have a few, it would be lovely if you deliver some thoughts, let’s discuss about it, but first, here’s a few problems I usually encounter, Water gets stuck when I’m using close shoes. Another one is, when some dirt gets stuck in my toenails when I wear open footwear, Slippers for example, really inconvenient. This calls for frequent visits to the spa, a waste of money, to save and the best way to minimize this problem, I hope you try to wear slip-on. Today I wear a very comfortable pair of Adidas outdoor slip-ons, I highly recommend you to get a pair, it is made with lightweight material, keep your feet dirt protected, and easy to remove water being stuck inside, a more comfortable choice for frequent walk, it looks fashionable and minimizes watery situations. Use of slippers are good too but not appropriate at all times.

Bags. I hope you to choose a leather bag. No need to talk about this, I came across a lot of problems when I’m using a bag made with cotton materials, Leather bag will keep all your materials (notebook, paper) in a safe place, well protected from water to enter. Bags made with cotton are a No-No, this bag is one of my favorite, it’s not branded yet I value it the most.

Overall, today’s OOTD will look sporty made with lightweight materials for flexible movement, also an attention seeker, which is a serious thing if you want people to notice your look.

Well i hope you like this thoughts, If you have some, let me know.


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